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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 24, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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jennifer kessy. o'reilly factor up next. have a great weekend, everybody: good night. it's gonna be great. it's "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." are low speed chases and hybrids the hot new thing among trendy criminals? why some say flashy cars and high speeds are so last season. plus does the president think we should make the surface of the sun a vacation destination? >> we don't think of it that way, but we should. it looks like a spectacular place to spend a few days and a few weeks, however long you want to stay. >> and finally why are some fans lining up to buy tickets to the new tom cruise movie? our panel gets to the bottom of it next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests.
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she is spicier than spice and more notorious than notorious b-i-g. i am here with sonny johnson. and it is true that the camera adds 10 pounds, but there is no excuse for her freakish face. it is joanne know saw nosuchunsky. there is the waive. and he is quieter than a mouse that's been dead for days behind your refrigerator. it is tv's andy levy, but how would he know? and he is here to answer the question, what would encyclopedia brown look like today? sitting next to me, daily caller deputy will ron. i don't know what that meant. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. dogreg, do you ever wonder if andy is a guy you made up in your head from time to time. >> are there shirts about -- are their shirts about rap
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bigoted crap? quick, to the is this racist cave. >> is this racist? >> we are in the cave. a company called rap shirts for white people is selling, well, rap shirts for white people by taking lyrics from well known songs and changing them to apply to pale guys. among the examples, i got 99 problems and getting a cab ain't one. started from the top. mo, money, mo priuses. fund the police. and my self-respect brings all the boys to the yard. i wish i knew what any of these were playing off of. over at, while some of the shirts are funny anyone wearing one of these is a cocy jerk ass and is the largest q at the bbq. and if you are a culturally insensitive br on who doesn't give a [bleep] about political
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correctness, parade your privilege like 2005. what should you do if you find yourself wearing one of the offensive t-shirts? >> that is how you take off the short that fast. boom. check it out. >> he practiced that for 20 years. >> he is a young putin. >> are these shirts offensive, and if so are they offensive to blacks or whites or both? >> you get to take three of my favorite things all into one story. you have rap and capitalism and you have race. it is so much fun. actually i am going to change that with my new project coming up just to throw that out there. you put it the way they do it and i want to take the last
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one they did. my self-respect brings all the boys to the yard. miley cyrus, lady gaga and the grand mother of them all, madonna. what exactly are you saying about the races when it comes to this particular subject? it totally went over my head. >> basically they are saying the positive notion of self-respect is exclusive to the white wearer. >> i was going mention the last time i saw miley cyrus and she was on the stage. that is so much classier than what the black girls do. it puts me in a space where i wish i had white privilege. >> actually she has a good point. but you own many of these shirts. it doesn't surprise me. why do you like them so much? >> two things, gregory. first, it is time to ban
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t-shirts with jokes on them. they are not funny and they are not clever. you look like an idiot wearing them. let's get rid of all of them. >> you are for freedom of speech unless you are wearing it? >> i am not saying we have to pass a law, but if we were to pass a law banning funny t-shirts funny square quotes that would be a net positive i think. it is probably not a racist thing. it is the white people in priuses. it is probably a self-depricating thing. >> you would know because you are the least white person i know. >> joanne, you don't mind these shirts because you can't read. >> wait, there was writing on them? >> yes there was. it looked like an eye chart.
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>> a pretty design. >> i hate awful these shirts. i have little self-respect for anyone who wears them. if you are over 20 years old you shouldn't wear a graphic tee. i don't care if it is the jokes. no, no. a weird animal or banana or whatever it is you want to wear, no. stick to plaid, stripes and solid colors. or no shirt. although i respect this company because they took rap over the decades. that is a wide range of artists. >> it is not going get you anywhere. >> what is the one word you want to use to describe these shirts? >> problematic.
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where do i get the plaid t-shirt? i kind of looked at this differently. i thought they were mostly poking fun at white people. >> i don't get the self-respect one. that was a miss fire. some of the other ones, started from the top? that's not poking fun i don't know what is. >> you actually believe you started from the top. if you actually believe that -- >> if you believe it, but you think it is unfair, then it is okay. >> no, that's progressive. that's not okay. that is not all right. >> but if it is progressive it is the opposite of what gawker and complex are saying. >> i am not taking about their ignorance. if you actually think you started from the top because your skin happens to be white, then it is not self-depp pro location. >> no, it is because i was
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rich. >> on that point you are right then. >> it is kind of depressing when you put it that way. you haven't gone very far. you are not supposed to be working joe app at all. -- joanne, at all. >> you started from the top and now you are here? >> well at least i know one reference. at least i know that. >> thought the logo was funny. i don't know. i wouldn't wear them. >> what i find funny about the shirts like these in general are any novelty aspects and it is when there is a series event going on. say there is a child missing or disaster in the press conference, nobody thinks to changing their shirt when they are being interviewed. there is always a guy teary eyed or talking about a missing person and the guy is wearing a homer simpson shirt.
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>> people just got arrested recently and he wore a shirt that said like "i'm drunk" and he got pulled over for a dui. >> the dude that got arrested. one thing about it and i want to get to a point, leave race out of my music. just leave it out. it is people of all different shapes and all different economical backgrounds. it is all kinds of situations. they pick up a pen and they write and they share their thoughts. leave race out of it. especially from you making money with someone of the opposite race. don't talk about how black you are or how white you are. make your money and shut up. >> that is my favorite color. >> it is a nice color. >> it is your shade on a sunday morning. did he get axed over big hats? a cnn studio technician, aren't they all, said he was fired because he was gay and wearing extravagant clothes
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like marriachi suits. he claims his supervisor hated his work attire and recommend he transfer to the make up or entertainment unit. silva told him not to wear the marriachi suit because, quote, it was too flamboyant for a male in our department. another boss offered him $100 to go to tj maxx, wherever that is, and change out of the track suit. piers morgan complained it was distracting him. morgan later denied he complained, but he would deny it, wouldn't he? well, you know who else loves fun hats?
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starting their three-day vacation early those staw pied cats. -- those stupid cats. it is the guy who is suing who is making the connection between extrave gant clothes and being -- extrave gant clothes and being gay. isn't he narrow minded and not the guy who fired him. >> that's a little homophobic. >> what does that mean? i never heard that phrase. >> if what he is saying is true, let's say. if he was fired because he was gay, obviously that's wrong. but you should be allowed to fire people for how they dress. if somebody comes into your office with say a swastika t-shirt or like the ear gauge things that announces to the world i want to be unemployed forever, that's fireable. >> and if you came dressed like you. >> it would get me a promotion.
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>> that's exactly what i would say and then grin. sonny, is it possible not to like such extrave gant out stits and -- outfits and not be gay? >> which one was mad? was it anderson cooper? was it don lemon? that's not funny. i don't care what you are. really, i want to make the joke, but i really don't care what you are. i don't care what you do. my only thing is when he goes i feel like rosa parks. okay, so every black person in california i blame you for this. when you came out in 2008 and you voted for brome you knocked down -- barack obama you knocked down gay marriage in progressive california. that's why gay rights is the civil rights. you are being punished and it is your own fault. >> that was quite heart felt, joanne.
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you are the legal expert on this panel. >> she works part-time in kinkos and she deals with a lot of legal documents. can you be fired for dressing inappropriately at work? i think you should be able to. >> you can if it is disruptive to work or if people feel threatened maybe. what i think is so funny is he was fired as soon as people found out. that he got married and was gay. i'm sorry. anyone that wears outfits like that, that is loud and flamboyant as they called it, which it is. it is colorful and energetic, i doubt someone who wears those outfits really hides a lot. you know what i mean? they are proud of their -- he married a mexican man, i believe. he is celebrating it. everyone would know because he was open and honest and share
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wght people he worked -- sharing with the people he worked with. >> it contridicts his belief because everyone knew he was gay. >> you wore a tight t-shirt last week and lou daabs said it was distracting in a good way. will you wear more tight pieces to apease mr. daabs? that is going to be summer andy. >> to clarify, he is not the one one -- this guy is not the one making the connection between being gay and being flamboyant. he is saying they have no problem with the way he dressed until they found out he was gay. and also as joanne wase -- was eluding torques the worst gadar ever. the guy in the pink top is gay? i don't believe that. >> to me this is not anything about orientation. this is about what you wear to work. you have to dress -- you have to show respect.
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you know what i hate? it is shorts. you can't wear shorts to work. >> i disagree. half of these people had it their way i would be in a pant suit looking like hillary clinton. looking like -- no. you have to set yourself apart. he has been dhog for years. they even know all of the colors of his sweat suit. that's like telling you how long he has been there and he has been dhosmght if it was a problem with just his dress -- i am not even trying to say what it is. i don't know why they fired him, if they have no viewers so they have no money. >> maybe he was just bad at his job. >> the so many brair rewas getting in -- the so many sombrero was getting in the way of the camera. >> do you feel comfortable lecturing us in the sweater? >> it is a great color. >> it is perry -- perriw nie kle. we hope he is getting a good laugh. i hate you now.
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>> well, you know. he fought valiantly. >> can we talk a about the big problem here nobody is addressing? >> what. >> cultural appropriation. i think if anything he should have been fired for culturally appropriating mexican style of dress. it is not a costumes. it is not a costumes to be worn willy nilly to work. if you are not living the marriachi lifestyle don't wear the outfit. >> he was appropriating the lifestyle of a mobster in a strip club. >> a california mob. we have to take a break. this is so exciting. coming up, another three-day weekend alone in my apartment eating cereal and watching women stepping on bugs. that's how i roll. >> first, it is the soccer players who should drink and have 6 watching the weld cup.
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soccer is lame, you dig? says the comedian.
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>> perhaps you heard of the local fry where certain young women and men speak with the low , creeky vibrations or the vocal fry as it is called. named after steven fry. i thought it was the guy from the eagles. well because it is friday or friday, let's go to joanne nosuchunsky for the first ever vocal fry news a. >> good evening. and now the news.
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sales homes recovered in april after something in the previous two months. but americans are still buying new homes at a slower pace than they did a year ago. streement for a virus -- treatment for a virus, gross, caused paul mccartney to can sell a concert in japan. the 71-year-old, ew, former beatle will be back on the road next month. facebook will soon be offering up privacy checkups. they will make sure they are sharing with only the right people. and be careful at the lights. memorial day weekend, woo, is found to be the most dangerous time of the year for vehicles running red lights.
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i am joanne nosuchunsky. this has been vocal fry news. >> it is the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. joanne you are the first vocal fry news anchor. has it sunk in? >> i am filled with emotion. >> this is how the kardashians talk at all times. >> it is. i enjoy it. >> i can tell. what did you make of it? do you know anybody that talks like that? >> just saying you got the news. why is it so funny?
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>> where does this come from? >> i think you smoked too much pot. >> have you never heard every woman -- if you have seen a female blogger being interviewed interviewed -- you are crying. every female blogger talks like this. the a air goes through the vocal cords and it creates the sound, but i used to pretend to be the wheel on "the price is right." >> it is the wheel! oh my god, you are secret talents.
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>> that's going to be a regular thing. you have to do the cut ins. that's swlaw to do. there is no 6 in booze meaning they can't lose. mexico's soccer coach has ordered his team to remain completely chased and sober during the world cup tournament. you are not prepared to be a professional. let's play a world cup. we are not going to a party. no if, abds or -- ands or brazilian butts. do you file alcohol and 6 hinders performance? >> that's a question i would like to put out to the panel. the catholic in me applauds the vow of chase tee and the high school nerd in me likes to see the jock suffer. >> that's interesting. anything else? >> no.
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>> this is a great thing. sorry i am not a soccer expert , some brazilian communist. >> i believe it is called futbol. >> you see, i didn't even know that. i played soccer one time and i hurt my ankle and i haven't run begin. run again. that was eighth grade. >> that makes you an expert in america. injured ankle from soccer. sonny, is this requirement harsh for the players? >> no. i don't care. you can do what you want. i will tell you that i tried -- you can go 20 days without getting some if you love me. i will go 20 days without telling you you are right. punishment. no woman likes to go that long a period of time without hearing, honey, you are right. you are so right. oh my gosh, i wish i would have listened. 20 days of that if it is
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anything like this, then i feel so sorry for those men. you found what that means. i can go 20 days without shopping. go 20 days without telling me i am right. my self-confidence starts to go down at that point. >> they never won a world cup. could this be the year? >> they say sex decreases aggression. ma home immediate ali -- mohamed ali, in my mind the greatest, goes six weeks without having sex, but they have done studies and there is no reason not to have sex. sexual activity actually increases testosterone. prolonged abstinence decreases it. >> i like how you are
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emphasizing. >> i am trying to get my point across. >> on the other hand it is understandable why they want to be laser focused. he doesn't want them out drinking and picking up women. >> what do you make of this, joanne? >> how is he going to enforce it is the only thing? you will have monitor bracelets on the guys to know if they are sneaking out of their rooms or if they have a flask hidden in there? >> this is the least of their worries. because he stabbed another player to death so even the referees were dangerous. this was in brazil last year? >> and wouldn't you want to die happy? you know having liquor in you and a whore to your left?
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>> you truly aim for the stars, joanne. that's why we hired you. dying with a whore next to you and liquor in your hand. >> started at the top. >> yes, exactly. your parents must be proud. where did you learn those words? we did the story last year on "red eye." the referee got in a fight with the player and stabbed the player to death and then the other team cutoff the referee's head and put it on the stake on the fence and everybody went home and left the head there. >> soccer sounds more exciting than i thought. >> they were worried it would cause a problem for the world cup, but as you can tell everything is okay. >> so let's take a break, america. coming up, how long could bacteria stay on a plane? long. that was pretty easy. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's c block is sponsors by it's a dudes. it's not a bird. it's in the a plane.
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it's a dude. thanks it's a dude.
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should your exdelete the sex sex -- y photos of you. he was forced to delete the former photos of his girlfriend. the higher regional court and
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sometimes that happens. the rule that at the end of a relationship all nude material should be destroyed. if it is the wish of one of the partners. they decided a right to privacy was greater than the photograph op of the right. do you agree, will? who has a greater right to the pictures? the person in them or taking them? >> there is probably a good argument but let's leave that to andy. before we rush to judgment on this case, let's remember that this is germany. the photos are probably not particularly tasteful. it is not like a sweet momento picture. >> it is something a little more degrading than the typical american. >> there are some who don't
12:34 am
find it degrading. >> i would like too show uh collection of my pictures where i am standing on a ladder. >> tourists. >> sonny, this is the kind of stuff you use to black mail people and they are taking that away from us. that's not fair. >> are you using your white privilege to blackmail me here? i am happy i am older. when i was in my nude photo phase we had the kodak where the film came right out so you can see it and you can dump water on it and it was gone. you ended it right there and that was the end of it. now you have instances where fo,
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kanye -- ray-j gave kanye and kim $36,000 which is the money he got residually from the sex tape. kim has no career without the sex tape. i guess in someways depending on who you are, you might want to see how your opportunities pan out. >> in this generation -- it could be allergies. andy, you rarely agree with the german court. is this case any different? there is no way a ruling wouldn't happen here. >> who knows? i don't think it could happen here. i think our laws would protect it. if you have ownership of a photo knowing it was legitimately given to you i don't think there is anyway a court would tell you you have to destroy that.
12:36 am
if you don't realize in 2 swrur 14 once you let someone take nonprofit pictures of you are you like an idiot. just don't do it in the first place. >> that's the answer for everything and nobody listens. when you broke up with the breakfast club bad boy, you deleted the pictures out of respect, but should you you have been forced to? >> no, but the first thing my publicist asked me is are there any nude photos? >> it is hard to tell because he is so hairy. >> we all like a little -- you trust no one. it is 2014 and you trust no one and there are all of the revenge porn lawsuits. if you could nip it in the butt -- bud, butt. >> you never make any good
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decisions in the biological stage of sexual infatuations. these decisions are made when you think this is great. my body is awesome and your body is awesome. >> it is the same reason you don't go to the supermarket when you are hungry. >> the professor didn't like to be graded. a professor at the university of wisconsin is suing a grad student and videos on the sites. the student says he graded him unfairly and caused him to bail out of school. he was asked to take down the post, but he refused. look at that silly post. the lawyer said the students had the right to express their opinion but, quote, when you go so far beyond that, there is an effort to attack somebody's reputation because things didn't go your way. that's much different. i am already board with this
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story. let's go around the horn. will, is it the best way to deal with internet trolling? >> why are people even going to college? that's what i want to know. you know what you should do? go to cuba. you will come back with a tan which is more than you will get out of the university of wisconsin. >> that's a genius point. joanne, you used to post comments about your professor saying i am not a sidewalker, i swear. what did they do about it? >> nothing. but really it says more about the teacher than the student. she is obviously insecure about her own teaching style. notice how she is doing this. there were no other students who come to her defense. all of the kids that love the teacher come and they are like, no. they will write good reviews.
12:39 am
obviously this is true. again i don't actually know so don't take my word for it. this is true. >> feelings and not facts on "red eye." that's all that matters. >> feelings are valid. all feelings are valid. i have no trouble with suing if what they said was factually untrue. that's what defamation is. if what the student was saying was true she can't be sued for defamation. you can't sue someone forgiving their opinions. the only way you can win a defamation suit is if things were said were untrue. let the court decide. if they were untrue, the professor should win the case. >> i lost a suit once. it was in a fountain in chelsea. why sue? what will they get? >> i don't know what she plans on getting, but i hope she wins. then the next semester she can teach her entire class about
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how to treat people like black conservatives and maybe they will learn to not say the nasty crap about us while we go about just being us. >> good point. >> youment like the suit you wear? -- you meant like the suit you wear? >> yes. order at if you haven't got it yet are you a communist. g is where you go. look at this. there they are wearing that stuff again. you can buy that at the website. g you have hood des and you have hats. you can't find the girls though. they are not for sale unless are you rich and a professional athlete.
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>> armrest? more like harm rest. new research finds that disease causing bacteria can linger on surfaces inside the airplane cabin for up to a week. that's seven days. harmful passengers include e-coli and they last the longest on seat back pockets and armrests. the journal of the american medical association is urging health care facilities to fight the spread of illnesses by replacing handshakes with the fist bumps in the workplace. no one is more sick about this than joe maggie. should we not get on any airplane and the vacation isn't worth it if you are going to get sick. >> vacations are not worth it in any case. you get sick and it is expensive and you don't know where stuff s. you do the same stuff you would do back at
12:45 am
home. i would tell other people that there are girls here that won't dance with me. >> that's sad. and it is probably accurate. maybe we should travel in special rubber suits and masks. >> i think we should. you will have to take the rubber suit off when he goes through the tsa line. and good news you will miss your flight and you won't have to go anywhere. >> what about these fist bumps? it means you have to touch someone else which is scary. >> i don't know why we assume people have clean fists. when i greet people i can say hello, don't touch me. i'm good. >> many use their fists, well they are dirty. next topic. a baby koll vein know that -- a baby volcano has swallowed the larger neighboring island hole. here are some pick -- pictures. the constant eruption created a new land mass 200 feet high and 3,000 feet across.
12:46 am
joe, what happened? the volcano never stops is japan in trouble? >> we are both in trouble. if there is an island in the pacific china will claim that eye land. we will pre extend to you is a port japan, but the ukraine is in a similar situation and that didn't go so well. >> enjoying the coffee? >> delicious. >> it is free down there. >> i take advantage. >> you can only have one cup though. >> that's what they tell me. >> eventually we can have a land bridge from japan to the united states. that wouldn't be so bad. >> i will put a wait and see attitude and see if that land bridge has tolls. >> not a fan of the tolls? >> not a fan. >> should we be worried that previously hidden baby volcanos will consume other places like detroit? >> the auto industry has helped detroit out by relocating the factories overseas.
12:47 am
we have to worry about cities like pittsburgh. >> next topic. they claimed an invisible substance called dark matter could sling shot the lethal atetes toward earth causing an extinction like the one that killed the dinosaurs. it keeps the milky way from spinning apart and it takes comics in the outer solar system. should we go back and find out what happens? >> no one should go back for any reason. i remember screaming the entire time when i realized ben of affleck was the most qualified astronaut miner. >> what kind of warning would we get if the dark matter designs to throw a comet at earth? >> judging by the fact that scientists are calling it dark matter probably tells me we don't know a lot about it.
12:48 am
almost no warning. >> and this may be the product of white scientists calling something scary and dark. that's another topic. is there any we can build a space net? >> it sounds like a good idea until you consider what if the space net fails and falls to earth? now we are covered with a net. >> that is true. much like mr. franky avalon. a fish has washed ashore alive. yes, alive in north carolina. the monster known for eating its own species is rarely if ever seen at land. with fangs like that it can eat a person. >> scientists tell us these fish don't attack humans, but they tell me snakes are more uh -- afraid of me than i am of them. it is too easy to be a scientist.
12:49 am
>> they are in their lab. science is stupid. >> what have they done lately? >> north carolina is in the middle of the east coast. should the eastern seaboard be on high alert? >> i don't think we should be on high alert because that is my lowest state of readiness. we need to attack these fish before they attack people who are stupid enough to swim. >> that is a great point and we will leave it at that. joe, always a pleasure watching you get scared. i hope to see you soon. good luck with your endeavors. coming up, is a late night show sexist? we will investigate.
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a show it appears sets women back years. it is time for -- >> is this sexist? last night one of america's finest and always tasteful television programs may have crossed the line during a segment about the nfl the gorgeous host and his sidekick discussed the issue while the women -- well, let's have a
12:54 am
look. >> unlike me you were actually against this. tell me why. >> i am opposed to it and i should qualify it by saying i will watch the games. that's why they are doing it. build the farm in iowa and they will come. it is a no lose proposition, but you will have teams that are not that good in the post season. >> can i get either of you a sand witch? >> i would love a sandwich. thanks, hon. >> i can't believe that, that the host is that gorgeous. it has sparked a lot of media network outrage calling for immediate action. andy, i rarely ask shows to apologize. should this show apologize? >> i can't even begin to describe why this segment was problematic. i can't even right now. let me explain what was going so. i have never seen the show, but they had a panel with
12:55 am
three women on it. they did not let the women talk about the stories. they said they were doing stereo typical women things like cooking and cleaning and i think knitting. is that funny? is that supposed to be comedy? as far as i'm concerned there is nothing funny about perpetuating and using the patriarc key as a headline. here is what they said. you had your one guy talking the whole time. >> if fox news is noticing it, come on. the guy on the panel made good points and he seemed to know what he was talking about and was a fairly good looking guy. >> joanne, did you happen to catch "red eye" last night. >> you can tell this was president his fault and he was angry -- he was president his fault. this is what privilege looks
12:56 am
like. >> i need to ask a question so can you be quiet? >> i cannot. i am black and oppressed and you will not oppress me any longer, greg gutfeld. i will stand my ground. >> see, will, it is your white privilege. >> did you hear something? >> was that sexist? quickly. >> i have never seen the show and i am not a fan. those two men seemed repulsive in every way possible, but i think jo would agree with me should she get the chance to speak that that was disgusting and everyone involved should be arrested. >> there is an apology coming out.
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hello, everyone, i'm eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, andrea tantaros, bob beckle, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the "the five." >> as we approach memorial day weerk the obama administration is embroiled in a scandal that threatens the lives of the men and women who protect our way of life. our vets are dying while sitting on waiting lists. i spoke to the former pentagon spokesman jd gordan on hannity last night. he explained how guantanamo


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